I-83 Projects

I-83 East Shore Section 3

The I-83 East Shore Section 3 project is located west of the Eisenhower Interchange near 29th Street to just east of the Susquehanna River. The proposed improvement includes widening the existing four lanes to six lanes based on the concepts presented in the I-83 Master Plan document.

Current Project Status
Earlier this year PennDOT selected Harrisburg-based HNTB Corporation to perform preliminary engineering and environmental studies for the I-83 East Shore Section 3 project. PennDOT and its consultant project team are currently conducting traffic counts, field surveys, and environmental investigations throughout the project area.

Collecting existing traffic data is essential to understanding local traffic patterns and developing solutions that will address current and future project needs. Skycomp, Inc., based in Columbia, MD, performed the traffic data collection via helicopter using time-lapse aerial photography. Traffic counts were taken on the major highways (I-83, I-283, and US 322) as well as nearby parallel travel corridors such as Paxton Street and Derry Street. This approach is much more efficient and safer than the traditional method which involves stationing personnel in various locations on and immediately adjacent to highways for lengthy periods of time.

Skycomp helicopter in blue sky

Skycomp perfoming traffic data collection

Survey crews have also been on the project site re-establishing highway baselines and updating the existing topography on the project’s base mapping. These efforts are expected to continue throughout the fall and into the winter months.

Field crew with hard hat and safety vest holding a table

Documentation of intersection configurations underway

Environmental field investigations will be performed to identify resources and constraints such as streams, wetlands, public parks and other community resources, historic properties, archaeological resources, noise sensitive receptors, and potential hazardous waste sites throughout project area.

Next Steps
Preliminary engineering design will begin at the conclusion of the data collection efforts. Additional information regarding this phase of the project will be provided at key milestones over the course of the project development process. Actual construction is not expected for several years.