I-83/PA 581

I-83/PA 581 Interchange Public Meetings

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation held a public presentation for the I-83/PA 581 Interchange Bottleneck Safety Project on April 13, 2011, at the Red Land High School in Fairview Township, York County. The program included a public presentation at 7:00 PM by Tucker Ferguson, P.E., from PennDOT, and Matt Nulton, P.E., from McCormick Taylor. Approximately 219 people signed the guest book and attended the sessions. There also was an opportunity for the public officials and the public to ask questions at the formal presentation and at an open house display.

Staff member discusses with resident in front of printed out poster with map

Project staff discussed details about the project with concerned residents

Project staff member in front of presentation

Project staff member, Tucker Ferguson, presented project details

The presentation included a description of the existing toadway safety characteristics and plans to complete the early action project as described on the I-83/PA 581 Interchange Bottleneck Safety Project page. Additional comments regarding the project or the public meeting can be addressed by clicking on the Contact List Sign-Up Page on this website.

View the I-83/PA 581 Public Meeting Comments and Responses for more details.

View of auditorium with many residents in attendance

219 people signed in and attended the informational session held at the Red Land High School